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Legion of Mary @ Kurusady

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The Legion of Mary and the feast of the church of St. Antony

The feast of the St. Antony's Church, Kurusady is celebrated annually in the month of January. It starts with the hoisting of the holy flag on the first or second Friday of January and is celebrated for 10 days. Every evening after the grant concelebrated mass, public meeting and variety entertainment programme are conducted by the parishoners and sisters of Holy Cross College, Sacred Heart Convent and Carmel Home. The sixth day of the feast is observed by the pious organisations in the parish. On this day the legionaries recite the holy rosary with the explanation of the mysteries before the mass besides participating in the mass.

The meeting for planning for the feast

This meeting is conducted two or three months before the feast. In this all the members of the pious organisations and the legionaries participate, in this meeting the decisions regarding the programme for church feast and the income & expenditure will be decided.

Special Programme

The Legion or Mary which plays an important role in the day set apart for the pious organisations conducts a drama for about 01.30 to 02.00 hours. The training for this drama is given two or three months before the feast.

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