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Life History of Mother Teresa
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Legion of Mary@ Kurusady
Largest apostolic organization
of lay people in the Catholic Church


Legion of Mary @ Kurusady

Legion of Mary
Highlight of Legion of Mary
The Origin of Legion of Mary - Kurusady
"Legion of Mary" - Administration
Achievements of Legion of Mary, Kurusady
Services and Special Services
Services at St. Antony's Church Feast, Kurusady
The Services to encourage the Legioneries
The legioneries who have joined the Priesthood

The legionaries of Kurusady who have joined the seminary

The legionaries of Kurusady who have joined the Priesthood

  • J. Francis Sekar (Calasanz)
  • Br. Thimothy Irudayaraj (SDB)
  • Br. A. Amaladas Densing (Kottar)
  • Br. S. Antony Megallan (Kottar)
  • Br. S. M. Berkmans (S.J)
  • Br. M. Alfred William (Brother of St. Patrick)
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