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is hosted on the early hours of this millennium, and its objective is to glorify its almighty through the service extended at St. Anthony’s Church, Kurusady. There are more than 580 Roman Catholic families and more than 2550 members living in the holy land Kurusady.

kurusady churchKurusady is the part of Kanyakumari District, the southernmost tip of India. 200 years ago, in this blessed land of Kurusady, following a miracle of a stone-cross sprouting from the earth, a church was built with St. Antony the worker of million miracles as the patron saint.

Kurusady church is 100 years old and it has established in the year 1911. The kurusady village has become one of the most famous among the Kottar dioceses. There were twenty-two villages under Kurusady when the parish was established in the year 1940.

Legion of Mary at Kurusady was started in 1937 which has started even before it was started in the diocese. Kurusady saw the origin of a mixed presidium’s.

Kurusady Services are Catholic Action Society, Little Way Association, Youth Movement, St Vincent de Paul Society, Legion of Mary, Catholic Society, Christian Life Movement, Catechism, Women's Commission, Rural women welfare association, St. Mary's Thaliths Association, Liturgical Spiritual Comity, Pious Association Coordinating Comity, Basic Christian Community and Parish Administration.

There are four nursery schools and higher secondary School in Kurusady. Sacred Heart Orphanage which is help to enhance the lives of needy children.

The Functional Convents at kurusady are Holy Cross Convent, Seared Heart Formation House, Carmel Convent, Holy Cross Novitiate, Servite Convent, Servite Provincialate and Home for the Aged Servites.


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Legion of Mary @ Kurusady
Largest apostolic organization
of lay people in the Catholic Church

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